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Help using Paste

Paste is a pasteboard/pinboard running on the social networking platform To create a new paste, you will need a account. Click the Authorize button on the home page to log in to an existing account.

Each paste has a public link for sharing that can be viewed without logging in to, as well as a "private" link for logged-in users which will display both the selected paste and a list of the logged-in user's recent pastes. These links are provided to the user at the time the paste is created. The Repaste button does not alter an existing paste; it copies the paste to your paste form, where you can create a new paste under your account (regardless of the owner of the original paste). You can edit your repaste before pasting it.

By using Paste you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In particular, please note that all pastes are public and we cannot alter or delete pastes on anyone's behalf. (A logged-in can delete their own pastes.)

More information and source code is available at github.

For more help, please contact @mcdemarco on, preferably by private message.